Welcome to the Baie de Somme


Classified among the most beautiful bays in the world...

RUE is a medium town enriched with historic heritages and located in “La baie de Somme”, a “grand site de France” classified site. It is considered as one of the most beautiful natural bay in the world...
The Bay will offer you unique landscapes and lights.. You will be near the vast sandy beaches of QUEND and FORT-MAHON.
SAINT-VALERY SUR SOMME, a medieval city and LE CROTOY, a full south small harbor, are facing each other at the entrance of the Bay.
Among preserved wealths of the bio-diversity: a safe haven for seals, the bird sanctuary of Le Marquenterre, the famous Henson horses...
The Somme Bay is also a paradise for biking on marked out circuits.

Apartment located in the heart of the Somme Bay

400 m
Rail station

5 km
A16 Motorway – Wayout 24

8 km

8 km

« En Tête à Tête » charmy apartment, near the Somme Bay is located at the center of RUE, a peaceful small town, well known for its classified landmarks (belfry, chapel, CAUDRON brothers museum – Caudron brothers were pioneer airmen).
All shops available at less than 50m – Near seaside resorts of “la Côte
Picarde” and “la Baie de Somme”.
Free parking on the public place – Independent access stairs.